Teams of 3, M/M/M or F/F/F, with Advanced, Intermediate, & Beginner Divisions. Teams will complete 3 events, with the Top 5 teams of each Division moving on to a final 2 part event.

EVENT DATE 12/7/19


Snatch 135/95

Clean 225/155

Shoulder to overhead 225/155

Deadlift 275/185

Bar muscle ups

Handstand push ups

Double Unders 

Box Jump 30"/24"


Snatch 115/75

Clean 155/105

Shoulder to overhead 155/105

Deadlift 185/125

Chest to bar pull ups

Handstand push ups w/ 1 ab mat

Double Unders 

Box Jump 24"/20"


Snatch 95/65

Clean 105/75

Shoulder to overhead 105/75

Deadlift 155/85

Chin over the bar pull ups

Hand release push ups

Box Jump/Step up 24"/20"

General ideas of what an athlete should be capable depending on the Division. These movements will NOT NECESSARILY be part of WODS or programmed. This is meant as a guideline for choosing Divisions.


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